Gears of War 4 working on harsher quitter penalties

If you've been playing Gears of War 4 multiplayer for a while now, you know a few of the balancing issues, glitches, and - worst of all - mid-game quitters that are dragging down the experience. Thankfully, The Coalition thinks so too.

Gears of War 4 working on harsher quitter penalties
Gears of War 4 is one is a recent Xbox One release featuring all of the glorious ultra violence and hyper-death that the series is known for; with heroes that wear armor as large as small cars to enemies with growling voices and ugly faces.

Or at least, that's what can be expected in the multiplayer. Speaking of which, Gears of War 4 is getting some upcoming welcome changes to their title regarding some major issues that have been reported by the community since the game's current release.

In a blog post by the Gears of War 4 community team, the updates are currently some "top level items that we are working on." These changes are expected to be taken care of as additional changes to come with each title update the game receives.

"Below are some top level items that we are working on. I should note that there are many more updates beyond the list below but I wanted to highlight some of the ones that larger discussions have been focused around over the past week. Expect update notes tied with larger Title Updates to cover off more of those other topics. Those update notes will be released as we get closer to the release of each Title Update."

The changes currently recognized are:

  • Hammerburst balancing
  • Competitive Lancer/Gnasher adjustments
  • Matches not starting with full amount of players
  • Harsher quit penalties
  • Competitive/Core lobbies
  • General Pack feedback items
  • Footsteps of teammates much louder than opponents
  • PC Crossplay Request/Inability to find matches in Core & Competitive
  • Gnasher shots firing but ammo not depleting or registering
  • 0%/100% UI notifications
  • Backfilling in Horde matchmatchmaking
  • KOTH/Execution time adjustments
  • Windows Insiders not being able to play
  • Ranks not displaying for other users in Squad
  • Horde class icons on scoreboard
  • PC mics not working correctly at all times
  • Horde score abuse issues
  • Grenade spawning issues
  • Players sometimes leaving maps

That sounds like a lot to take in, but the community team has said that players should not expect all of this to simply happen overnight. The team plans to send out these fixes as parts of title updates or to slowly trickle in these changes throughout Gears of War 4​'s near future.​​​

If you would like to know what we thought about the game, you can check out our review.

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