Gears of War 4 Announces 2 New Maps Coming in November

"Gears 4" adds two classic "Gears of War 3" maps, Checkout and Dry Dock. Season Pass holders will be able to try out these maps on the exclusive Developer Playlist on November 1, and both maps will be added into the normal rap rotation for everyone on November 8.

Gears of War 4 Announces 2 New Maps Coming in November
Gears of War 4 announced the first two maps as part of their "two new free maps per month" promise to players. For this month, Checkout and Dry Dock will be added to the Developer Playlist for Season Pass holders on November 1, and will then be added to public playlists November 8.

Checkout takes place in an abandoned Seran grocery store. Originally from Gears of War 3, this symmetrical medium-sized map instantly fell into favor with fans due to its classic design and sporadic cover. It doesn't look like much was changed for this version, although many fans will argue that's for the best. You can see a flythrough of the new Checkout below.

Dry Dock, also a symmetrical map from Gears 3, has players fight atop a namesake COG ship scrapyard. The high overpass was a bevy of activity for either the heavy weapon or precision power weapon, but crafty players could sneak under the bridge and wreak havoc with some well-tossed grenades. Again, the map looks largely the same.

Also, for fans of the group Run the Jewels, who performed the song from the Horde 3.0 reveal trailer, members Killer Mike and EL-P will be unlockable characters via a Run the Jewls "Air Drop" pack.

For those who didn't buy the Ultimate Edition and can't wait until November 8, the Gears of War 4 Season Pass is available for $50.

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