Gaming News #177 – Steam Deck and Saint’s Row Delay, Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer, Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox Exclusive

Fresh news on the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home full trailer, Elder Scrolls 6 being an Xbox and PC exclusive as well as the delay of Valve's portable Steam Deck console and the delay of Saint's Row reboot.

Gaming News #177

The past week was quite eventful with GTA: Definitive Edition probably taking the spotlight in the worst possible way by being one of the laziest remasters to come out in recent memory. Along with that, another downer was a couple of delays both in terms of games and gaming hardware. Luckily, a movie trailer and a collectible saved the otherwise pretty bummer week. Read on to find out more.

Steam Deck has been slightly delayed

Steam Deck has been slightly delayed

We won’t be playing our Steam library on the go during the holidays

There’s much excitement surrounding Valve’s portable Steam Deck console. It was announced in July this year, allowing players to play games on the Steam library on the go. Valve confirmed three editions, the base edition (64GB), two more models come stocked with a solid-state drive, including 256GB and 512GB respectively.   Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on it to play our Steam libraries on the go as Valve has delayed the release of its new machine the Steam Deck until February 2022.

The handled PC was due to release in December this year but has been pushed back two months. The veteran developer cites material shortages as a reason for the delay. Valve cited global supply chain issues and material shortages as the main reason for the delay. Valve took the opportunity and held a virtual developer event where they addressed concerns developers have surrounding the Deck ahead of its release. For more information, check out our original news coverage.

New Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer breaks the internet

New Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer breaks the internet

30 million views in only one day has got to be a new record

As if the teaser wasn’t enough, the full trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man movie blew our collective minds. Sure, we’ve seen and heard multiple villains from previous movies are set to make an appearance but now we’ve seen them in their full glory. The premise of the trailer is that all of the villains that were displaced from their timelines should have died and Doctor Strange urges Peter to kill them in order to set things straight. Of course, that’s not something a hero does so Peter goes against Strange while facing almost his entire rogues gallery to boot. 

While Doctor Octopuss, Electro, and Green Goblin are front and center, surprisingly, even the Lizard and Sandman make an appearance which was a huge surprise. We still didn’t see any signs of Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire so that might be something Marvel is keeping under wraps for the full theatrical release later at the tail end of this year. If you haven’t gotten around to it, you can check the trailer out here.

Nintendo releases Zelda Game & Watch handheld collectible

Nintendo releases Zelda Game & Watch handheld collectible

Nostalgia sells and Nintendo knows it

The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch has arrived in stores along with a short launch trailer. Nintendo’s latest collectible in the series features three games and a few other modes. The Legend ZeldaZelda II: The Adventure of Link, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening are all included. Nintendo also even included the Japanese versions of the first two games, which hail from the NES era.

The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch hand-held also includes an interactive timer and clock modes. The timer mode has Zelda II battles in the background. Try to beat as many enemies as you can before time runs out! Meanwhile, the clock screen has Zelda I in the background. You can take control of Link for some adventure in both of these modes. For more information, check out our original news coverage.

Saint’s Row has been pushed back by 6 months

Saint's Row has been delayed

It won’t go against other heavy hitting games coming out in the previous release slot

Considering the bad reception to the early showcases of the Saint’s Row reboot, it’s no wonder that the developer has pushed it back. Sure, we didn’t expect it to be pushed back for 6 months, but that’s probably for the best. The final release date is set for the 23rd of August 2022, giving the studio more than enough time to polish the game, hopefully avoiding the fate of Cyberpunk or the recent GTA: Definitive Edition.

Of course, the studio didn’t cite negative reception as the reason for the delay but instead used COVID as a scapegoat for the slower production process. Interestingly, they don’t plan on changing the story, characters, or any of the established game systems in any way, shape, or form which many highly doubt. One positive aspect of the delay is that the game won’t arrive at the same time as many other heavy-hitting games, giving it more room to breathe and hopefully become at least a moderate commercial success.

Twitch comes to Nintendo Switch

Twitch comes to Nintendo Switch

It’s Twitch on Switch, but with a few drawbacks

Twitch has now landed on the Nintendo Switch eShop. However, this is not the first foray into the console world for the streaming service, though. It was already available on consoles like Xboxes, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. This means Switch owners now get the ability to watch tons of different streaming content like other console and PC owners.

It may have come over four years after the Switch’s own launch, but it’s better late than never. The Nintendo Switch Twitch app is pretty small, requiring only 31MB of storage space for installation. As a result, most users should have no trouble being able to install and use it. For a comprehensive overview on how to use Twitch on the Switch, as well as an overview of some drawbacks, check out our original news coverage.

Elder Scrolls 6 is going to be an Xbox and PC exclusive

Elder Scrolls 6 is going to be an Xbox and PC exclusive

This was to be expected

Microsoft purchased Bethesda for a whopping 7,5 billion dollars and is definitely looking to get a return on that investment. A large part of that is the fact that future Bethesda games are likely to be Xbox and/or PC exclusives to drive the audience toward their hardware. So far, we’ve known that Starfield is going to be an Xbox exclusive but is now officially joined by Elder Scrolls 6. This was confirmed by Phil Spencer in his interview with GQ.

This of course drew in much criticism, especially since Xbox has that “gaming for everyone” mantra which they reiterate wherever and whenever they can. It’s not much of a consolation for PlayStation owners, but at least they have the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim and will, knowing Bethesda probably get another edition before a sequel is officially out. 

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