Gaming News #174 – God of War Coming to PC, Switch Online Expansion Price, DC Fandome

Fresh news on the movie and game trailers showcased at DC Fandome, God of War (2018) coming to PC, Switch Online expansion pricing, details on the story of Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad, and more.

Gaming News #174

The past week was just stacked with awesome news for both gamers and moviegoers alike. DC Fandome blew us out of the water with trailers of their upcoming slate of movies, as well as games that we’ve been dying to see for a long time. Also, God of War is finally coming to PC in its full glory, the news only soured by the pricing of Switch Online Expansion. Read on to find out more.

DC Fandome showcased awesome movie trailers

DC Fandome showcased awesome movie trailers

It’s an exciting time to be a DC fan

After a somewhat baffling decision not to go forward with the Snyderverse, DC really needs to bring it for the upcoming slate of movies. Luckily, what they’ve shown at DC Fandome seems highly promising and has generated significant hype. We were treated to trailers for The Batman, The Flash, a brief look at Black Adam, and behind-the-scenes footage for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

There were also trailers and teasers for numerous shows, from Peacemaker to Sandman, Doom Patrol, and more. Despite the seemingly disconnected nature of the universe, who knows, the Flashpoint storyline set up in the Flash could tie it all up in a neat bow. All in all, everything showcased was very well done, and the short showcase of Black Adam had us particularly hyped and eager to see more.

God of War is finally coming to PC in 2022.

God of War is finally coming to PC in 2022.

Boi! The PC crowd is chanting in the distance

Here we go boi! In a rather surprising announcement, Sony has decided to reveal that the next PlayStation game to grace PC is going to be God of War.  In order to dismiss talk about the possibility of it being an inferior port, Sony emphasized that this will be a “high-performance” port. This means that not only will it feature improved graphics across the board, but also that the game will be fully optimized for PC.

The game will even feature 21:9 ultra-widescreen resolutions and will have Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex for smoother performance and more responsive controls. As far as controls go, the game will support numerous controllers if playing with a mouse and keyboard isn’t your speed. The port is planned to release on the 14th of January next year so it’s going to be a happy new year indeed.

No Man’s Sky is getting giant worms in its latest expedition

No Man's Sky is getting giant worms in its latest expedition

The unofficial Dune game we always wanted

Almost coinciding with the release of Dune movie, No Man’s Sky’s latest expedition is taking players to planet Wasan, a barren world ravaged by dust storms and infested with Titan Worms. It’s one of the first expeditions to feature narrative elements that tie into the main story. While Titan Worms will be unique to Wassan, sandworms already present in the game will become much more varied with this update. 

The best part? Players will now be able to tame and grow sandworm companions to feed, pet, ride and explore the universe with. Oh, and if they weren’t terrifying enough already, they can also fly. There are also all sorts of graphical improvements, rewards, and items to find, collect and earn. For the full list of things added, check out this handy post from Hello Games.

Court of Owls brings the scare in the latest Gotham Knights trailer

Court of Owls brings the scare in the latest Gotham Knights trailer

Court of Owls gave the trailer a horror vibe

In case you forgot, Gotham Knights takes place after Arkham Knight at the end of which Batman seemingly died and the batfamily took over the business. The game is set to feature lots of familiar villains but the overarching one is going to be the mysterious Court of Owls – which gave Batman a run for his money in the comics.

This order of shadowy figures controlling Gotham from the shadows will feature across the game. Their immortal warriors – the Talons will also heavily feature in the entire game and are sure to give Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl a lot of problems as they fit into a much prominent role in protecting Gotham. You can check the trailer for yourself here.

Switch Online Expansion is pricier than anyone expected

Switch Online Expansion is pricier than anyone expected

Get ready to cash out for the nostalgia train ticket

Recent Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct also featured the price reveal of the previously announced Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, and gamers aren’t very happy about it. The news managed to overshadow the topic of the direct itself with many coming out, voicing their dissatisfaction while others calmly accepted it as something to be expected from Nintendo at this point.

The cost of the Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack, which will include Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, will be priced at $49.99 USD yearly. A Family Membership plan will also cover up to 8 Nintendo Account holders for $79.99 USD yearly. This is more than double the price of the initial plan, which costs $19.99 USD yearly. For more information, check out our original news coverage.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League receives a new trailer

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League receives a new trailer

Still no sign of any gameplay footage

Rocksteady has more than proven themselves capable with their Arkham games so it’s no wonder that anticipation is high for their Suicide Squad game. Recently held, DC Fandome has treated us with a trailer that once again gives us a glimpse into the inner working of the team as well as the enemies they’ll be facing, shining a special spotlight on the Justice League. The trailer gives a better look at Superman and confirms, at least in part, what other heroes we’ll be facing as a part of the JL roster. 

Brainiac has been busy so along with Superman, he managed to mind control the Flash, Green Lantern, and perhaps Wonder Woman who does feature in the trailer but in a somewhat vague role. Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t show any gameplay so we don’t know the details or whether we’ll really be killing the Justice League or merely freeing them from Brainiacs mind control. Until we know more, check out the trailer and judge that for yourself.

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