Gaming News #150 – Knights of the Old Republic Remake, Captain America 4 Announcement, Battlefield 2021 Information

Fresh news on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, upcoming mainline and mobile Battlefield games, Captain America 4 movie announcement, Days Gone 2 petition, and more.

Gaming News #150

The past week brought about a healthy mix of news from all corners of the gaming industry. An announcement of one particular remake from a galaxy far far away was a nostalgia-inducing affair. There was also some good news for Xbox owners and MCU fans and a lot to look forward to for fans of mobile gaming. So let’s unpack everything in more detail and remember, if you want even more information, there are links leading to the full news article for everything featured in this one. 

A Remake of Knights of the Old Republic is in the works

A Remake of Knights of the Old Republic is in the works

The remake we both wanted and needed

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remains to this day one of the most beloved games in the franchise. For years, the fans have been clamoring for a full-blown sequel but it seems we’ll be getting the next best thing – a remake! Now, yes, the rumors have been circulating for over a year now about the possibility but it’s just now that we are getting a confirmation. The news comes from other than the gaming journalist Jason Schreier who also teased us with the possibility back in February.

In a surprise twist, EA has nothing to do with the remake which is instead being done by Aspyr Media, who have recently hired many ex-BioWare employees and have previously ported Knights of the Old Republic to Android and iOS devices. This will be the studio’s first project that isn’t a port and they are reported to be doing it on a $70 million budget which seems like it should be more than enough to bring back this gem to the current standard. For more information, check out our original news coverage.

You don’t need Xbox Live Gold to play free online games anymore

You don't need Xbox Live Gold to play free online games anymore

F2P games have truly become F2P on Xbox

Over on Xbox, free-to-play games have become truly free to play as they no longer require Xbox Live Gold to access and play as previously promised by Microsoft. That’s right, for popular titles such as FortniteRobloxApex Legends, and many more, players now no longer require to pay anything extra. This was met with universal praise not only for another gaming barrier being removed but also for the fact that Microsoft is listening to the feedback from their player base.

Recently they also changed their decision on Xbox Gold membership doubling its price after many negative reactions. Goes to show that the gaming community can truly work wonders when unified on a subject. For the full list of games that are now completely free and more information on Xbox Live Gold, check out our original news coverage.

The new Battlefield game will reportedly be of unprecedented scale

The new Battlefield game will reportedly be of unprecedented scale

Battlefield 2021 reveal is coming soon

Fans of the Battlefield franchise are in for a treat. EA has announced a mainline entry into the series is still on track for later this year, whilst a new mobile game is also coming. The mainline game is looking to be something truly special since a record of four studios are working on this entry in the franchise. The game is reportedly going to be of unprecedented scale with massive battles, fully destructible environments and will probably look better than ever thanks to the power of the next-gen hardware.

The mobile game is also said to be a completely standalone experience different than the mainline game. How it captures the essence and scale of the franchise on mobile devices, remains to be seen. Typically, Battlefield games are revealed in May, so we probably won’t have to wait for long to find out. For everything we know right now, check out our original news coverage.

Captain America 4 movie has been announced

Captain America 4 movie has been announced

Loving the idea of more Anthony Mackie in the MCU

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiere was Disney Plus’s biggest series debut ever, and the show has been met with generally positive reviews so it’s no wonder Marvel intends to keep the ball rolling. In fact, they’ve just announced the Captain America 4 MCU movie with showrunner Malcolm Spellman and writer Dalan Musson attached to the project. Although no official casting has been revealed, after the events of Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s recent finale, the film will almost certainly star Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America.

Bucky Barnes is sure to play a role as well since the dynamic duo has proven to play amazingly well off each other. There are even some rumors that Chris Evans could make a return in some form but that’s probably going to be a closely kept secret we won’t have confirmed until the movie is released. For more details on this announcement, check out our original news coverage.

Days Gone 2 petition gathered a large number of signatures

Days Gone 2 petition gathered a large number of signatures

The fans are willing to let this one go

Not long ago, the creative director of Days Gone, John Garvin was pretty vocal on why Days Gone won’t be getting a sequel. He was quite salty about it but he basically said that the game just didn’t receive enough support upon release since many gamers opted to wait for discounts, sales, or used other means to play the game. The decision of many gamers was influenced by mixed critical reception and the lengthy development and this also made Sony fail to see continuing the IP as a “viable option”.

Well, to show that there’s still plenty of interest for the game to receive a sequel, someone set up a petition over on for Sony to approve it. Started just two weeks ago, the Days Gone 2 currently sits at over 86,000 signatures and if it reaches 150,000 signatures, the petition would become one of the top campaigns on the site. Sure, Sony isn’t obliged to do anything in response, but you never know. Zack Snyder can tell you all about that. If you’re interested, consider adding your signature to the growing list and for more information check out our original news coverage.

Apex Legends Mobile Announces Regional Betas

Apex Legends Mobile Announces Regional Betas

If Call of Duty did it, why not Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Mobile has been announced by Respawn Entertainment likely following in the success of Call of Duty Mobile. In a recent game update, Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends, provided a glimpse at the latest details on the upcoming mobile game – including Apex Legends Mobile regional betas start times. In the update, he also confirmed that the game is being designed for mobile devices from the ground up and won’t feature cross-play with players on PC or console for obvious, control advantage reasons.

The game will also have a separate battle pass with plenty of cosmetics and other unlockables. Seeing as the mainline game just achieved a 100 million player milestone, the mobile game is sure to also find its audience. For more information on when and on what devices the game will become available, be sure to check out our original news coverage.

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