Gaming news #112 – EA interested in WB Games, Splinter Cell series and more

Fresh news on digital event Twitch viewership, EA's interest in acquiring WB Games, Splinter Cell animated series, PS5 peripheral compatibility, and much more.


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PS5 reveal and Ubisoft Forward were the most viewed events on Twitch

PS5 reveal and Ubisoft Forward were the most viewed events on Twitch

Twitch could become the main presentation platform

Despite some concerns that Covid-19 would impact the viewership, interest in Sony’s new console and Ubisoft’s upcoming games generated great interest over on Twitch. In fact, at one point, 1.5 million people tuned into the PlayStation 5 reveal event that showcased Sony’s vision of the future of gaming.

Ubisoft’s Forward event featured upcoming installments of their biggest franchises like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed which garnered them a 1.02 million Twitch viewers. This was also helped by the promise of Watch Dogs 2 being given away for free for everyone that tuned in. In summary, these numbers and the rise in popularity of platforms like Twitch definitely point toward live events slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. For more information on numbers of viewers for these and other events, check out our original news coverage.

Ubisoft and Netflix partner up for a Splinter Cell animated series

Ubisoft and Netflix partner up for a Splinter Cell animated series

A new game might be MIA, but at least we get this

If you are like me, you’ve been starving for a new game in the action stealth Splinter Cell franchise. Well, even though there’s no new game on the horizon, we got the next best thing in Ubisoft and Netflix partnering up for an animated series based on the property. Even better, the series will be written and produced by the creator of the famous action-packed John Wick series of films. According to reports, the series is currently set to have two seasons with each one having around 16 episodes. It’s sure to be one great show that will make the wait for the next game a little less bearable. For more information on the series and the future of the Splinter Cell franchise, be sure to check out our original news coverage.

EA is interested in purchasing Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

EA is interested in purchasing Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

EA would become an even greater gaming powerhouse

EA is already filled to the brim with awesome studios famous for many great franchises. Now, it seems they are looking to further expand and diversify their portfolio by purchasing a studio known for the Arkham and Shadow of Mordor franchises – WB Games. It’s already been reported that AT&T is looking to offload the developer to pay down its massive $154 billion debt while EA wants to acquire more studios. Considering the wealth of super-popular franchises under WB’s belt, it could simply be a matter of time. For more information on this potential purchase, check out our original news coverage.

The PS4 controller won’t work on PS5 games

The PS4 controller won't work on PS5 games

Dual Sense will offer many functionalities for PS5 games

While the title of this news seems like it’s completely bad news for the good old Dual Shock, it’s not. Sony has revealed that you’ll still be able to use PS4 controllers on PS5, but unfortunately only for PS4 games. Players who want to purchase and play PS5 games will have to play on Sony’s new DualSense controller.

While financial gain is definitely part of the reason behind this, Sony went on record that they want gamers to make full advantage of the new capabilities and features of the new controller. While I definitely don’t advise throwing your Dual Shock just yet, it will effectively become only half-functional once the next-generation of games roll out on the PS5. For more information on other Sony’s and third-party peripherals and their compatibility with the PS5, check out our original news coverage.

Spider-Man will be a DLC character for Marvel’s Avengers, but only on the PlayStation

Spider-Man will be a DLC character for Marvel's Avengers, but only on the PlayStation

PC and Xbox gamers won’t be happy with this news

Marvel’s Avengers has introduced Spider-Man as one of their post-launch DLC heroes. This will come in 2021 at no additional cost, like Hawkeye and any of their other DLCs. What’s notable about this announcement is the fact that the webhead will be available exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

As you might imagine, this sparked quite the outrage from PC and Xbox owners which feel like Spider-Man is too high-profile to be subject to such an exclusivity deal. As far as the DLC itself goes, Spider-Man will not be the version seen in Insomniac’s game and Crystal Dynamics will pay special attention to the fluidity of his movement. For more information on the announcement and the exclusivity deal, check out our original news coverage

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer will be Free-To-Play

Halo Infinite's Multiplayer will be Free-To-Play

Going free-to-play could seriously invigorate the franchise

Originally, the retailer Smyths Toys in the accidentally leaked that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer would be free to play. The listing, described it as “groundbreaking free-to-play multiplayer experience” with “greatly reduced load times”. While the listing was taken down not long after being published, 343 Industries has since confirmed that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will indeed be free to play and will support 120FPS on Xbox Series X. It’s a great move that could just help bring Halo back to its Bungie glory days since many more players will be able to experience it. For more information on what awaits players who try it out later this year, check out our original news coverage

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