Gamestop leaks potential Pokemon Nintendo Switch Title

In a description for the Nintendo Switch on Gamestop's website. A potential Pokemon title has been listed. Nodding towards an actuality of Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch being true.

Pokemon on Nintendo Switch 
A little while ago, a new Pokemon game was rumored to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. As we approach the Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12th, it seems leaks and rumors have been flooding the internet. One of these seem to have come from Gamestop's website thanks to twitter user Stealth.

Pokemon leaked for Nintendo Switch
In this description of the console you can see a mentioning of a Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch. From what it seems, it's almost hinting at the title being included in the Nintendo Switch's launch title lineup. Pokemon Stars was rumored back in November through Eurogamer. This title would be connected to the newly released Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. How cool would it be to have Pokemon accessible to gamers that prefer console gameplay over handheld? We will have to wait and see what goes down on January 12th at 8pm P.T on the Nintendo Twitch Channel.

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    No! There is no way that this could be Stars there’s no way they would’ve had it finished, because they just finished working on Sun and Moon. I seriously hope that this a new spin off game and not Stars, because I don’t see it being ready for their launch lineup, and especially just after Sun and Moon


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