Gamescom Asia 2022 Announces Schedule and Program

Gamescom Asia, the Asia version of Europe's Gamescom, will be holding its second ever event on October 20 to 23, 2022 with a hybrid model of an in-person and online show. The four day show is set to be an important networking event for professionals with an Entertainment Show for video game fans on the last two days.

Gamescom Asia 2022 Announces Schedule and Program

Gamescom Asia’s 2022 show will be held on October 20 to 23, 2022, at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center, Singapore. Gamescom is one of Europe’s foremost trade fairs for game developers, and its Asian counterpart debuted last year from October 14 to 17, 2021. The second ever Gamescom Asia will again be both in-person and online, a hybrid model that will allow attendees to access a physical Entertainment Zone with live shows, game demos, and more.

Tickets will be announced for sale in the coming weeks.

Gamescom Asia kicks off with a primetime online show on October 19, 2022, then will move on to a Trade Conference lasting from October 20 to 21, an Exhibition from October 20 to 22, and a studio-based online show for the last day, October 23. Game developers and industry professionals will have access to all parts of the venue from October 20 to 22, while fans will  gain access to the Entertainment Zone from October 21 onwards.

The event welcomes a lot of notable speakers, including Riot Games’ Head of Corporate Development Brendan Mulligan, EA Dice’s Head of Design Fawzi Mesmar, and Microsoft Xbox Asia’s Director for Gaming in Asia, Jeremy Hinton, to name just a few.

The event is still open to speaker applications up to May 31, 2022, for “experts with deep technical and practical knowledge who can share real-world experiences in game design and growth strategies.”

You can watch some of last year’s highlights below:

gamescom asia 2021 Highlights

The first Gamescom Asia drew in over 2,000 in-person attendees from 60 countries with its own hybrid model that allowed both live shows and live streams, where even some of the speakers were attending online. The first event followed generally the same pattern as the 2022 iteration. The four-day show last year featured three major showcases: a mobile and Asia-centric showcase, a virtual Trade Zone for professional networking, and finally, a virtual entertainment zone that’s a hybrid live show and live stream of game demos, interviews, and more.


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