Game Freak Asks Fans to Name New Move in Sword & Shield

Game Freak is asking fans to name a new move in Pokemon: Sword and Shield. The move will be a Steel-type move with 140 power, but reduces HP by 50%. Only fans in Japan can participate.

Game Freak asks fans to name new move in Sword & Shield
With every new Pokémon game, you'll be expecting to get a lot of new features. From new Pokémon, new gameplay mechanics, and new moves for your Pokémon to learn. In Sword & Shield's case, we know that we'll be getting new Pokémon, and now we'll be getting some new moves in the latest installment of the franchise.

According to, a website dedicated to the Pokémon franchise, Japanese magazine CoroCoro is holding a contest with Game Freak (developers of Pokémon) to name a new Steel-type move that has a power of 140, but reduces HP by 50%. The name must be under 8 characters, and the winner of the contest will receive a copy of both of the upcoming games, while 20 runner-ups will receive a copy of one of the games. Contestants have from now till May 8th to participate in the event.

Sadly, for U.S. fans hoping to get in on the fun, this only applies to Japanese residents. Pokémon: Sword & Shield are currently scheduled for release later this year.

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