Gabe Newell will be answering your questions on Reddit Today

Only a few days after the publishing of an interview concerning Half-Life 3 from an alleged Valve employee, co-founder and President of Valve Gabe Newell has decided to host an AMA on the popular social news website Reddit. Anyone eager for answers directly from the main man himself may just get their chance today.

Gabe Newell will be answering your questions on Reddit Today
With Game Informer's recent interview with an alleged (but not confirmed) Valve employee still fresh in everyone's minds, Gabe Newell has taken it upon himself to host another AMA on a new subreddit dedicated to him, The Gaben. The AMA will take place at 3pm PT/11pm GMT.

Gabe is no stranger to endless questions about the possibility of a Half-Life 3, typically choosing to ignore all of them. However, the timing of this AMA suggests that it could be one of the central points of discussion, along with the recent DOTA 2 update and, if we're really lucky, some mention of the future of the Left 4 Dead or Portal series.

Hopefully, this AMA will run a little smoother than his last one which took place back in 2015 and right around the time that Skyrim mods were monetised by Valve. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the community's backlash was directed at Newell. The Gaben subreddit moderator, Jedi Burrel, appears to be taking a much firmer stance on trolling and rudeness for this AMA so we can expect more solid answers and less vitriol.

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