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Furi Gets Release Date on Xbox One

Twinstick shooter/hacker Furi will soon be coming to the Xbox One console. The game has received a lot of praise since its debut back in July. Developer The Game Bakers have sweetened the pot even more with the inclusion of an additional boss not yet available on other platforms.

Furi Gets Release Date on Xbox One
Furi developer, The Game Bakers, have announced that the game will be available for pre-order for the Xbox One on November 21st with a final release date of December 2nd. The Xbox One version will also include a new boss not yet available to PC or PS4 players.

Since its initial release back in July, Furi has divided opinion. Many praised the twinstick indie shooter/hacker for its relentless difficulty, pulsing synth-heavy soundtrack, and its unusual art style. Dissenters argued that the story was barebones to the point of being boring, the difficulty was too extreme, and the constant repetition brought about by failure became overbearing.

Every battle in Furi is a boss battle, each of which designed with a unique fighting style and the intent to have you feeling all the anxiety one might associate with a frenzied battle to the death. With such a simplistic set of controls, skill and perseverance is the deciding factor on whether or not you are going to make it through to the game's end.

For those on the Xbox One looking for a challenge, December 2nd may be a date worth keeping note of.

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