From Rapture To Columbia Book – How To Create A Masterpiece

BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia is the latest book from specialist video game publishers Third Editions. Available now, the hardback book offers deep insights into the development process of all three Bioshock titles.

From Rapture To Columbia Book - How To Create A Masterpiece
Soon after the original Bioshock released back in 2007, it was widely hailed as a veritable work of art. How does a game push the established boundaries of the first person shooter genre so much to achieve that kind of recognition? Bioshock: From Rapture to Columbia offers an exhaustive insight into the developmental process of each title that came from the creative mind of Ken Levine and how he brought it to that respectable position. BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia is available via the Third Editions website in a high-quality hardback version (£22.90 / $29.90 / 24.90€), and a limited-run Collectors edition (£27.90 / $34.90/ 29.90€).

From Rapture To Columbia Book - How To Create A Masterpiece  -Welcome to Rapture
Designed specifically for fans, the book published by Third Editions promises revealing anecdotes on the creation of each game, from initial concepts to the unforeseen developments that happened throughout production. The ups and down’s of Levine’s masterpiece are discussed in fine detail, along with the mythology and philosophies that shaped the creation of the game series so fondly remembered today. 
From Rapture To Columbia Book - How To Create A Masterpiece  - City of Columbia
“When we first wrote BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia, we wanted to make the book as exhaustive as possible, while also bringing our personal point of view and experience," states Mehdi El Kanafi, Third Editions' co-founder. "It sums up our editorial line perfectly: 'be personal to be universal'. We are very excited to finally be able to offer an English version for all BioShock fans to read.”

“BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia continues our vision of what these kind of books can be: comprehensive and relatable, and fantastic accompaniments to the games themselves,” continues fellow co-founder Nicolas Courcier. “This is an ethos that we’re taking forward into our next projects – and we’ll be able to reveal what those books will be, very soon.”

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