Free Xbox Games With Gold This February

We are now well into the second month of the year, which means that if you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, some games will be available free for you. The first freebie of the month comes in the form of the reboot of the 1997 FPS - Shadow Warrior - which is available on the Xbox One. Moreover, one of the games free in January, Ubisoft's zombie game Zombi, will remain free through February 15th.

Free Xbox Games With Gold This February
For Xbox 360 owners, the Disney-published racing game Split/Second is free-to-play until February 15th. Xbox One players will be able to play the game via backwards capability, so you can play it even if you do not own a Xbox 360. On February 16th, a new range of free games will be available. Firstly, on Xbox One, the Assassin's Creed spinoff, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India, will be free, while the fan-favourite driving game Crazy Taxi will be available for free on the Xbox 360. The full list of games is as followed:

Xbox One

Shadow Warrior (February 1st-28th)
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India (February 16th-March 15th)

Xbox 360

Split/Second (February 1st-15th)
Crazy Taxi (February 16th-28th)

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