Free Xbox Games With Gold Announced For April

March is nearly at an end, which means that subscribers to Xbox Live Gold can soon get their hands on another load of free games next month. As usual, the selection available will be split into titles for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, with the first title becoming available on April 1st.

Free Xbox Games With Gold Announced For April
Firstly, Xbox One owners can get The Witness, the critically-acclaimed puzzle game from the developer Thekla and director Jonathan Blow, who's best known for the 2008 title Braid. This title will be available for April 1st right until the end of the month. Additionally, on April 16th, players of the Xbox One will be able to get their hands on Assassins Creed Syndicate, the 2015 entry to the well-renowned Assassins Creed franchise set in London.

Alternatively, Xbox 360 owners can obtain Cars 2: The Video Game. However, the title available in the second part of April is quite the contrary – Dead Space 2. Both of these titles will also be available to Xbox One owners through the backwards compatibility program. In addition, it's not to late to pick up the free games from last month, which include Trials of the Blood Dragon. 

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