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Free Wargroove Expansion, Double Trouble, Now Available

You've waited and now it's here for absolutely free. Wargroove: Double Trouble, the new DLC for hit turn-based strategy game, Wargroove. The Wargroove expansion comes with a lot on offer with its price tag of absolutely nothing, most namely its headlining co-op play!

Free Wargroove Expansion, Double Trouble, Now Available

The massive free update for WargrooveDouble Trouble, introduces the new Outlaw faction, which you’ll join and soon lead into battle. Part of a brand new story campaign, an unexpected kidnapping and the ransom demands that follow urge you and your new companions to perform a strategical heist. Whilst Double Trouble is co-op focused, both local and online, you can of course feel free to go it alone, which is the best kind of choice a co-op update can offer. 

Including its new story and beautiful soundtracks, the Wargroove: Double Trouble expansion gives you: 

  • Brand new Co-Op Story Campaign (can be played couch co-op, online co-op or even solo)
  • 3 New Roguish Commanders
  • 2 New Units – Thieves & Riflemen
  • New Arcade missions
  • Competitive online Quick Play maps
  • Public and Private Multiplayer Lobbies
  • Custom maps now playable online
  • New Volcano map theme and more updates to the custom Editor tools
  • Outlaw music tracks, composed by Phonetic Hero
  • And much more!

Wargroove: Double Trouble is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4

Wargroove was released on February 1st 2019 (July 23rd 2019 on PS4) to positive reception and huge sales, recouping its development costs within just three days. It even went on to win Best Strategy Game at The Independent Game Developers’ Association Awards.

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