Free Copy of Ryse Son of Rome at GameSessions

GameSessions is launching their GameSession Giveaways program starting with a free copy of Ryse Son of Rome for PC.

Free Copy of Ryse Son of Rome at GameSessions
GameSessions launches GameSessions Giveaways, a new service that will see the company regularly give away free games, starting with Crytek’s third-person action title RYSE: Son of Rome.

GameSessions is a UK-based tech and digital service provider that allows gamers to try out a game before they buy. Gamers can try out games on their PC with the option to buy the full title in-game and instantly play through Steam without fear of losing their progress.

CEO of GameSessions Ed French commented:

"RYSE is a breath-taking game which everyone should play, whether for the engaging combat, or the intense atmosphere. This is the first time RYSE has been made available to play for free; and we want to invite gamers to enjoy this blockbuster title at GameSessions."

Everyone can claim their copy of RYSE: Son of Rome, for free, from for the next 30 days. The only real catch is that you'll have to play the game for around 5 minutes before the full game becomes activated in your account. This is done to ensure that GameSessions doesn’t have to pay for games that are not going to be played and to make sure that the sponsors’ brief video message has been seen.

RYSE: Son of Rome is only the first out of a regular stream of free games in the GameSessions Giveaway program. Sign up for RYSE: Son of Rome now at

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