Free anniversary DLC released for This War Of Mine

Survival game This War Of Mine has received free anniversary DLC.

Free anniversary DLC released for This War Of Mine
As a thankyou to the great response to the game, developer 11 bit studios has released free DLC for This War Of Mine.

Their website reads "We released This War of Mine two years ago, and the response immediately turned our world as a studio upside down. That success has given our company amazing opportunities to grow and explore new projects, such as Frostpunk, and that’s only possible because of the people who believed in This War of Mine in the first place."

The DLC includes:

  1. Brand new ending scenario
  2. 3 new locations
  3. New civilians

The DLC is included in the games new anniversary edition and as a free download to owners of the original game.

If you would like This War Of Mine cheap, Games Republic currently have the game 75% off

You can view the trailer for the anniversary DLC below:

This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition is available now!

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