Forza Horizon 2 – what does it offer? Releasing tomorrow!

What does Forza Horizon 2 offer? Releasing tomorrow!

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That's the first pillar of how will Forza Horizon 2 catch your eyes and interest. 60 FPS in 1080p and you will drive in a fictionalised countries of southern Europe. Weather, days and night cycles, lights, reflections, all of this will be genuinely charming.


Huge world often means nobody to play with or compete against. But drivatars will change it. The idea of use real people saved and used as ghosts or NPCs is cool.


Over 200 cars are waiting for your tuning.


Over 700 events to play and only about half of them are the kind of racing you would expect.

Roaming and sandbox

You can just roam around and do only the race or events you like. And everything you make gives you Kudos points to unlock skill points which can be spent on perks.

We will see very soon if all of these features shall be enough to get attraction of the majority of players and be profitable. But even the gameplay video looks fantastic.

Forza Horizon 2 - All New Gameplay - Opening Revealed

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