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Fortnites Revenue plunges 48% After the New year

Do you look at Fortnite as a giant among men? An impenetrable wall of micro-transactions that has swept the landscape for the past few years? Well, last months revenue might come as a shock to you.

Fortnites Revenue plunges 48% After the New year
Fortnite, the most popular battle-royale game on the market, and one of the originals that started the craze among the gaming industry has been having surprising drops in revenue as of late. Last months numbers show that Fortnite had a 48% revenue drop in January!

This news comes after an incredibly profitable holiday season for the highly successful game. Don't worry too much about Epic Games, they are still sitting tight on the most popular battle-royale in history so far. Epic made about 3 billion dollars last year, showing a dominating hand over the battle-royale genre.

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Trends like this often happen to games like Fortnite where players are constantly joining and leaving at astounding rates. In the next few months, I am sure Fortnite will pick up once again with a new event.

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