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Fortnite’s Latest Patch Brings in Fruits, Poison and Lava

A new patch is bringing in fruits and chilis to Fortnite. Added to the mix is poisons to enjoy against enemies. And to tie it all together is a map being filled with lava.

Fortnite's Latest Patch Brings in Fruits, Poison and Lava
Fruits and chilis are being delivered to Fortnite to promote healthy eating and be a boost for players. Then there are some classic poison dart traps added in along with some lava being poured into one map. Basically, the game's latest patch has a lot to give.

With the new food items which include coconuts, they are identified forage items. They can grant health, while coconuts can regenerate shields and peppers make you faster.
As for the poison dart trap, it's a useful item that can be triggered from three grid cells away and does 10 damage per tick for a total of 80 damage, conveniently bypassing shields.

The whole lava talk is in regards to a new map mode wherein lava starts to rise a few minutes into the game, steadily swallowing up the entire map. The lava will sting but players can build over it and the map provides small amounts of materials every second. So even when everything is lava, a player can still build something.

Something else that the patch brought is a fix to the Baller. No longer will it damage players when it hits them, instead, it will knock them back. It's been noted that there will be further work done on this by Epic and the ability to shoot through the glass may be coming soon.