Fortnite Creative Mode Announced

Fortnite Creative Mode is coming and will be a seperate mode from both Save the World and the massively popular Battle Royale. When will it drop and what can you expect from this new sandbox mode?

Fortnite Creative Mode Announced
Announced by Epic Games yesterday in a video that many think was supposed to be a secret announcemt for the Game Awards released early, it was revelead that Creative mode is coming to Fortnite. This is a third mode outside of both Battle Royale and Save the World.

From the Fortnite development blog we can get some more information about what is coming and what to expect and when to expect it.

It seems that battle pass owners can begin inviting their friends into sandbox mayhem from as early as tomorrow (December 6th) and will have access to a private island for the first week of Fortnite's Season 7.

The mode will be released to everyone on December 13, with every player having access to their own private island. Where everything they make will be saved and stored.

Fortnite - Creative Announcement

This new mode seems like it could be a massive push forward in user generated content  expanding the Fortnite experience beyond what Epic Games had originally imagined. I am looking forward to seeing what insanity people can create when Fortnite Creative Mode is released to the masses.

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