Former Skullgirls Devs Form New Studio Future Club

The former developing artists and programmers that helped put together Skullgirls have established a new studio called Future Club. This news comes in response to the head, Mike Zaimont, lashing out against his now-former employees following sexual harassment allegations.

Former Skullgirls Devs Form New Studio Future Club

Following the dismissal and resignation of many Skullgirls developers in response to sexual harassment allegations made against its head Mike Zaimont, the former employees have come together to form their own studio: Future Club. 

This summer saw another major wave of a gaming-centric #MeToo movement, with several names throughout the gaming industry under fire for past accused misconduct. It wasn’t limited to developers and CEOs; streamers and journalists were similarly found in the eye of public criticism and faced forced resignation and bans in response to the allegations. While many of these names responsibly took ownership of the past mistakes they may have made, Mike Zaimont was not one of them. 

Zaimont is the head and sole owner of Lab Zero Games, the developer behind the 2D fighting game Skullgirls. As the sole owner of the company, when he was asked to resign by Lab Zero’s board, he responded by disbanding them and delivering an ultimatum to any remaining dissatisfied employees to leave the company by August 31st. Though Zaimont claims this was due to financial reasons, the rest of the Lab Zero staff was later laid off. 

But in a spout of more positive news, many creators on the former development team have come together to form Future Club, an employee-owned studio founded “with the goal of creating games with handcrafted art and traditional 2D animation, engaging and responsive gameplay, and unique and memorable words,” the Future Club press release says. The company will use a co-op structure, which the team thinks is important to put the emphasis on the team creating the game rather than the sum of its parts. 

Though the team hasn’t announced any firm plans for upcoming games, Future Club says it’s currently developing new IPs for future projects. 

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