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For Honor’s first patch shakes things up

Ubisoft has provided ample opportunity for their players to test their latest game. The community has spoken and Ubisoft listened. Here are the details surrounding For Honor's first patch, warriors rejoice.

For Honor's first patch shakes things up
Ubisoft has been hard at work in getting For Honor ready for the rest of the world. The open beta which was available a few weeks ago revealed a few issues that needed their attention. Luckily they've accepted the criticism and here's what they've done about it.

This is the first of many expected patches for For Honor, so we won't expect the game to be altered to the extreme. However, the changes do seem favourable and here are the highlights. 

After launch Ubisoft introduced a change over the beta in the Guardbreak mechanic. This has since received a lot of criticism since players felt it made the game wildly unbalanced. After launch this type of attack could no longer be countered but the developers have seen the light and reversed this change.

Further updates came in the form of various tweaks to the different warriors, to provide better balancing, a concern I myself raised in my preview of this game.

  • In addition to the Guardbreak change mentioned above, the Conqueror and Berserker can no longer prevent free Guardreak when blocking. 
  • The Peacekeeper, a quick and agile fighter with low damage, was equipped with the ability to make their enemies bleed out slowly over time. The damage caused by this attack has been reduced but the range of this character's attacks has been increased. 
  • The Orochi received a dodge back increase on his Riptide Strike.
  • The Valkerie has received numerous changes including faster attacks. 

Further changes were made to some of the gameplay modes concerning how players are able to complete their daily quests. During these quests players need to complete certain game modes to earn rewards but the way the game's modes are set up, this was not that easy. For Honor put Elimination and Skirmish games in the same category so players couldn't choose which one to play. Having to complete one for a daily quests could then lead to several hours of playing the other type of game before the right one came along they can claim their steel. This is no longer the case as these game modes have been separated.

Another minor change is that when playing multiplayer games, bots who replace disconnected players will now have the same level of health as the player it replaces. No longer will bots enter a game half way through with full health.

For the full patch notes, have a look here.

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