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For Honor to add more warriors

The blood of its first victims is scarcely dry and For Honor is already set to increase the number of fighters in their war. Those who feared that the game might not offer enough variety to keep things interesting will soon be satisfied with some fresh meat.

For Honor to add more warriors
For Honor has only just come off the production line and already Ubisoft is looking at adding to the carnage. A recent image leak shows two additional warriors being added to the game which should on all counts receive a jubilant reception.

Thus far the game features 3 warrior classes, Vikings, Samurai and Knights. The leaked images inform us that Rome will also be joining the fight in the form of their beloved Centurion. The other party to be added is the Ninja which, like the Samurai, is Japanese in origin but doesn’t really fall under the same fighting class.

This puts into question where these new fighter’s allegiances will lie. It has been suggested that the Ninja will join the Samurai, which makes sense, but less so is that the Centurion will form part of Knights faction. In the screenshots however, they are not listed next to their suspected allies but rather in a new fourth row which suggests that they might form a brand new faction. While having several classes for each faction is great, this does present the possibility of adding numerous new fighting classes without the need to create an entire team before they can be unveiled.

As can be seen from the images, the Centurion comes clothed in heavy armor, helmet and mask. The image doesn’t fully show the weapon he intends to wield but you can make out a long shaft strapped to his back which suggests a spear of some sort, probably the traditional pilum or hasta.

For Honor to add more warriors. The first glimpse of the upcoming Ninja
On the other side of the spectrum is the Ninja with no plated armor but instead opting for leather coverings. The chain sickle in his hand suggests that he’ll have a longer range which should compensate for his lack of protection.

Their types are displayed as “Scrubmode” in the screenshots but this is probably just a term used by the developers and should be changed before they’re officially released. It’s important to note that they will most likely only be available as part of additional DLC’s and not as part of a standard game update.

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