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For Honor Season Pass details released!

After the recent success of the For Honor beta, which managed to rank #1 on Twitch as the most played game, Ubisoft have announced the details of the Season Pass for the upcoming hack & slash game. Details include the usual bunch of bonuses one would expect from a Season Pass, offering many options for players.

For Honor Season Pass details released!
With the release for the long awaited hack & slash title For Honor just around the corner, developers Ubisoft have today taken the time to reveal what gamers will get with their purchase of a season pass with the game.

The season pass can be purchased either after purchase of the full game, or by purchasing the Gold edition of For Honor. The Season Pass will also grant you early access to wave after wave of additional free content as it is rolled out across the year, so you can keep the upper hand on the opponent. Purchasing the Season Pass at any point will, on top of giving you early access to all future DLC, let you access the following benefits:

  • Six new post-launch Heroes available seven days before release to players
  • Six elite outfits to customize the aforementioned new Heroes
  • One exclusive Sunbeam effect on emotes for all Heroes
  • Three exclusive Emblem outlines
  • Three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear
  • 30-day Champion Status that gives XP boosts to friends, more crafting XP and extra loot when finishing a game.

Sticking to their previous promise of no longer locking content behind paid DLC, Ubisoft ​have stated that all of the season pass content, excluding the six post-launch heroes​​​ and their elite outfits, will be available on the launch date of February 14th 2017. The post-launch heroes will instead be released in batches of two at the beginning of a new Season of the Faction War, similar to how Rainbow Six Siege ​DLC is delivered. After the early-access period of a week is over for these characters, they can be purchased through Steel, the in-game currency earned for completing matches and challenges.

​​​​Finally, more free content will be released across the three seasons of play, thus adding more modes, maps, weapons, cosmetics etc. Season Pass players will gain early access to some but not all of these updates.​​​

If you haven't checked out For Honor ​yet, I recommend keeping your eye on Twitch in the coming week. With the Open Beta rolling around, if you're not playing the game, you're guaranteed to be seeing it in the most played section yet again.​​​

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    I wish developers would stop releasing DLC and season pass details before the game is released. All it shows is that they purposefully held content from the game to reserve for DLC and this annoys me. Developers should add all the content they think of to the base game and add extra content they think of after the game is released as DLC.


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