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For Honor Receives Dedicated Servers on Consoles

For Honor will be receiving it's own dedicated servers for console players beginning today. This comes one month after PC players received their own dedicated servers. These new servers will be much stronger and well maintained than before.

For Honor Receives New Dedicated Servers on Consoles
The competitive multiplayer melee combat game For Honor has finally released dedicated servers for all current platforms of the game. At launch the game's servers were a bit of a mess and many players were struggling to find matches or remain within matches before getting kicked out. Multiple updates have come through since then to help alleviate these problems however. The new servers will be the biggest solution to the problem from here on out.

Ubisoft announced yesterday  that these servers would be going live today. The developers made sure to release servers for the PC version first to help knock out any bugs of overall online performance issues before going live with console players. All fixes that have been made to the PC version will be coming to the console version and it's new servers also.

This will come as a welcomed gift to players as the current season of the game Age of Wolves is currently running with many enticing rewards. This new season of the multiplayer hit includes multiple character updates and new, deeper training modes as well. Players can also earn new gear, emotes and more in the ongoing Apollyon's Legacy event which ends March 8th.