For Honor Invaded by Raving Rabbids for April Fools

The disturbing, screaming little freaky Rabbids invaded For Honor during April Fools today. The Rabbids replaced the standard NPC minions that appear during Dominion mode, took over in-game commentary duties and replaced the music with some tracks of their own.

For Honor Invaded By Raving Rabbids for April Fools
Happy April Fools everybody. Don't believe everything you see, except this article. It's true, I swear. For Honor took their April Fools gag to another level. The Raving Rabbids invaded the otherwise rather serious medieval fighting game today in a surprisingly detailed event.

There's a ton of changes with the event. During the opening cutscenes that lead into a dominion match, the soldiers are wearing Rabbid masks. Then, the match beginning with all the NPC soldiers that fight over capture point B are replaced by Rabbids armed with a tiny shield and a plunger. The in-game commentary is replaced with random rabbid noises and the in-game music that plays both in the normal menus and mid-match is replaced by some funkier music too. Hell, they even added rabbid noises as the battle cry at the start of a dominion match. If you're not a fan of the Rabbids, then I have good news for you: you can kill them. I happily spent a good portion of a game smacking as many Rabbids as I could just for the fun of it.

I can't quite work out the community's feelings on this event; the For Honor subreddit seems to be kind of amused by it. I personally loved it, I literally loaded the game up for the first time in a while just to see this madness with my own eyes. I regret nothing. Although this does kinda make me want to go play Kingdom Battle again.

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