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For Honor Closed Beta teased with new trailer!

Medieval hack-em-up For Honor has been teased again with a brand new trailer, building hype for the Closed Beta, due to start on the 26th of January. Ubisoft's latest release has already seen a closed alpha and a lot of excitement from the community, and is one of the much anticipated early releases of 2017.

For Honor Closed Beta teased with new trailer!
Blood? Check. Combat? Check? Honor? Definitely check. Ubisoft's upcoming hack-n-slash title For Honor has been teased today with a brand new trailer, building up to the closed beta on the 26th of January.

Scheduled for release on February 14th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, For Honor is a faction-based fighting game in which members of three different factions will clash for control of the realm, and all of its blood-soaked lands. The new trailer has already received a lot of positive comments from gamers, indicating just how much people are looking forward to this title, an addition to a genre that has been comparably quiet as of late compared to others. The trailer plays a lot on the concept of Honor, with an ominous narrator speaking of 'The Thin Red Path', in which glory is the colour of blood. Though this trailer shows no actual real-time gameplay, it definitely sets quite the atmosphere for what we can expected out of this title.

For Honor is definitely shaping up to be a great title, and the upcoming Closed Beta will be one to keep your eyes on and prepare yourself for February 14th, when gamers across the world will take up arms and walk The Thin Red Path.

For Honor - Official Cinematic: The Thin Red Path

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