FNF 6 Announc- aaaand it’s Canceled

Demand can be a terrible thing. No longer able to handle the pressure, Five Nights at Freddy's creator says he's stopping production on 6 so he can focus on other projects.

FNF 6 Announc- aaaand it's Canceled
There is no shortage of Five Nights at Freddy's (FNF) games. The surprise hit horror game that launched a thousand Youtubers has seen more rapid fire releases than Assassin's Creed run by EA Sports. Yet the series creator, Scott Cawthon, was preparing to put players into days 30 though 35 before he decided he'd rather not – at least not right now.

In a Steam post, Cawthon talked about how he's been working on a sixth installment to the FNF series before deciding that he just wasn't enjoy the process anymore, saying, "I realized something- I just don’t want to work on this." Cawthon cites the mounting pressure to make each game better than the last as the root cause of his diminished desire to continue the horror series.

Cawthon does go on to say, however, that he's going to still be working on games, just not FNF 6.

It also doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning FNaF. In fact, the first game that I'd like to make would be something for you guys. Remember Foxy Fighters from Update 2? I loved working on that game. It was a lot of fun, and it took a lot of the pressure off me knowing that it was just for the fans of the games. That’s the kind of project that I'd like to work on again. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a pizzeria tycoon game, who knows. The point is that it would be something for fun, and something for the fans. 🙂

In a part 2 to his update, he noted that his "lighthearted" thank-you-game to his fans would be free. On a personal note, I think it's great that he has decided to stop production on the sixth game. It's not because I'm not a fan of the games, but because I know so many people are. Content bloat is real, and creators can get burnt out on making content for the same franchise over and over. The Bethesda team behind the Elder Scrolls series recently said they are not working on a sixth installment because they have been working on the series near non-stop, and want to broaden their horizons.

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