Flying is Coming to Legion in Patch 7.2

Patch 7.2 was announced today at Blizzcon and will include the much anticipated Broken Isles flying option, as well as a new raid zone, the Tomb of Sargeras. The update will also add a new dungeon and more to be announced in the future.

Tomb of Sargeras raid coming in World of Warcraft: Legion
Announced at the Blizzcon World of Warcraft panel, patch 7.2 is coming next year. It will add tons of new features as well as the much wanted Broken Isles flying option. Stated in this panel recap, players will return to the Broken Shore and take on the demonic forces there. Each class in the game will also continue their Class Order Hall campaign.

The Broken Shore will also include new World Quests as well as new challenges. To fly in the Broken Isles you will need to complete the Broken Isles Pathfinder Achievement. If that announcement wasn't good enough for you, Blizzard will also be adding epic class mounts!

Patch 7.2 brings new World quests and new raid zone called the Tomb of Sargeras
For players interested in raiding, a new raid zone called the Tomb of Sargeras will be added with the patch. Players will remember the area from the Broken Shore scenario prior to Legion's release.

Of course for the dungeon lovers, a new one called the Cathedral of Eternal Night will be included in this patch. It's a four-boss dungeon where players will ascend to the upper reaches of the spire in the Tomb of Sargeras.

PvP will also receive a new feature called PvP Brawls. It will alter the rulesets in battlegrounds and will be changed weekly. It's also a great thing for PvPers looking for fresh new content and things to do in the game.

New artifact traits will also be available in the patch as well as new challenges for each Class Hall. Blizzard is working very hard to keep fans of World of Warcraft happy and it's great to see them providing tons of new content.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now and can be purchased on the Blizzard store or retailers worldwide for $49.00.

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