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Flower Releases on PC After More Than a Decade

It took more than ten years to make the jump from PlayStation, but Flower is finally available on PC. This beautiful spiritual successor to Flow was originally a PlayStation 3 game. Now it’s available to a much wider audience.

Flower Releases on PC After More Than a Decade
Get your significant other Flower for Valentine’s Day. No, not a bouquet of flowers, just Flower, the 2009 PlayStation 3 hit that is now available for purchase on PC.

This gorgeous and calming game has players controlling the wind in the dream of a flower. As the petal floats through the world, the player controls where it goes, with landscapes changing and wind turbines activating as the world is explored. Each part of the game has its own unique objectives, but the relaxing gameplay remains in place throughout.

While the experience is generally very calming, it's not for everyone. If you’re solely into fast-paced action or shooting games, maybe stay clear from Flower. But for those wanting an emotional and breathtaking experience, Flower is worth the $6.99 asking price. And if your significant other isn’t a fan of traditional gaming, this may be a game even they’ll enjoy.

Flower is available to purchase on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG.com.

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