Five More God Of Wars Games Planned

Cory Barlog, the creator of the recent God of War title, has stated there are at least five more games planned for the hugely successful God of War franchise. This should not come as much of a surprise, considering the financial success of the recent game.

Five More God Of Wars Games Planned
The news first broke in an interview between Barlog and the gaming site Kotaku. In response to a question regarding the long development period of the recent God of War title, Barlog answered: "A big portion of the five years was, we had to start from scratch. We had a core engine but we really redid a lot of stuff," The interviewer then goes onto suggest that the next game will be released in two years time, with Barlog not correcting him or offering a direct comment.

At this current period, it is unlikely that Barlog will have an idea about when the follow-up title will be released, and whether it will come to the PS4 or PS5. However, it has only recently been rumored that the PS5 may be on for a release in 2020, but no concrete details have yet been announced.

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