Fishing MMO World of Fishing is out on Steam

Today World of Fishing arrives on Steam, loaded with new fishing equipment, boats and maps to discover the big game fishing MMO. Players of the website version will profit from the additional content as well. World of Fishing is available for free and accompanied by a new launch trailer.

Fishing MMO World of Fishing is out on Steam
Malta, 6th of September, 2016 – after several months in dry dock, big game fishing MMO World of Fishing launches free-to-play on Steam. To celebrate the launch, publisher InselGames adds new content and improvements to the game. Veteran fisherman will be happy to have the level cap raised from 60 to 80 and with three brand-new maps – Bali, Cape Town and Fish Farm (PvP map) – there are new fishing spots to discover and new fish to be caught. In addition new items like baits, rods and boats have been added to the game, accompanied by three new item categories, introducing belts as well as arm and back equipment, making this the perfect moment to join the World of Fishing.

Players of the website version can continue playing as before and will also profit from the new content and improvements. Nevertheless, it will not be possible to log in with the account to the Steam version or vice versa. Both versions, website and Steam, are identical and run on the same server, so players will still be able to meet each other in the game.

To celebrate the launch, InselGames releases a new launch trailer which can be found below:

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