Firewatch Developer Campo Santo Acquired By Valve

Indie game developers Campo Santo have been bought out by Valve recently while continuing work on their new game In The Valley Of Gods. The small team recently posted to social media about this acquisition. This comes as a surprise to many for fans of the newer development company.

Firewatch Devs Have Been Bought Out By Valve Corporation!
Campo Santo, the developers of smash indie hit Firewatch have recently been bought by Valve Corporation. This is huge news for the 12 member team as they are also hard at work on their next title In The Valley of Gods. It's been reported that the team will be able to continue work on this new game as they move forward being a new part of Valve.

The Campo Santo team will still be developing their own titles just under Valve's name from here on out. The members of the team felt as though Valve was an easy move for them as they share many design ideals and ways in which to immerse players in their titles. They're quite ecstatic with this move and what success it will bring their team in the future.

Campo Santo  still plans on supporting Firewatch and updating their weekly blog detailing development of future titles such as In The Valley Of Gods. The future of the team looks bright under the Valve spotlight.

If you haven't heard about In The Valley of Gods, this should give you an idea:

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