Fire up Your Imagination for New RPG, Isles of Adalar

Expand your world in new RPG, Isles of Adalar, fighting the beasts roaming the fields and forests, kicking back in the tavern with your friends, helping the locals of a village, or experimenting with the integrated mod support to create your own adventures.

Fire up Your Imagination for New RPG, Isles of Adalar.

Isles of Adalar is an upcoming open world RPG, with single player and multiplayer options, as well as fully incorporated mod support. Described as ‘one part RPG, one part RPG maker’, we can let our imaginations run wild and immerse ourselves in a fantasy RPG of our own making. Forge your own adventures, experiment with the mod support and level editor, and share your creations with the community.


Multiplayer: On release, Isles of Adalar will support four-player co-op, and will tailor the difficulty to suit single players and group players.

Mod Support: Isles of Adalar will come with fully incorporated mod support. Peakway Software LLC are aiming to make it a game that is ‘known over time as a nearly endless RPG experience rich with narrative driven content’. Their goal is to build up a creative community, and to make each experience unique. Modders will have full access to all of the tools they will need within the game. Other players can download content they want to try out and incorporate it into their adventures.

Gameplay: At the heart of Isles of Adalar are the choices and consequences that come with each decision a player can make. Unlike other games that use a speech skill, this game features multiple personality traits that a player can add to their character, offering unique responses to each situation. The success or failure of an interaction with an NPC will depend on a character’s level and if the response aligns with their traits.

Isles of Adalar Gameplay Trailer (Pre Alpha) OFFICIAL

Isles of Adalar will be available on PC (Steam) and is set to release in July 2020.

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