PC Gaming Show Returns this Saturday and to Feature 50+ Games

It's been a tough year for all of us but PC Gaming Show would bring some light to the troubled world order. The show will demonstrate more than 50 games: announcements, trailers and gameplay demos. However, the central intrigue of the event is a possible Persona V reveal. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

PC Gaming Show Returns this Saturday and to Feature 50+ Games

The show organisers shared the details of the upcoming event to be held on Saturday, June 13.

According to PC Gamer, which conducts the annual PC Gaming show, this year will be quite eventful for us – the show set a record for the number of trailers, announcements, and showcases of games in the six years of its existence. 

Participants will include about 30 publishers and game developer companies, including Atlus known for the Persona series, as well as Perfect World, which deals with Torchlight 3 and Remnant: From the Ashes. Also, I cannot but mention Rockfish Games, which are doing a wonderful job with Everspace 2

As part of the event, we’ll see for the first time Surgeon Simulator 2 and a premiere screening of the trailer of the new title developed by New Blood Interactive, the studio behind DUSK. It is also worth mentioning the interview with Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, and a special surprise from the developers of Torchlight 3. One of the perks of the PC Gaming Show is the Mafia remake gameplay trailer. 

PC Gaming Show will start on June 13 at 11 AM PST. The show can be viewed on PC Gamer channels on YouTube and Twitch.  

PC Gaming Show Returns this Saturday and to Feature 50+ Games

Finally Persona 5? I’m hoping for a miracle to happen.

But this is not the whole program. On my word of honour, I can say that you won’t get bored and hope you’re as excited as I am.

List of participants in PC Gaming Show

  • 2K Games (Mafia: Definitive Edition)
  • Amazon Games (New World)
  • Atlus (Persona series)
  • Battlestate Games (Escape From Tarkov)
  • Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator 2)
  • Brace Yourself Games (Industries of Titan)
  • Coffee Stain Studios (Goat Simulator)
  • Dontnod Entertainment (Life is Strange)
  • Funcom (Conan Exiles)
  • FJRD (Among Trees)
  • Frontier Developments (Planet Zoo)
  • Glumberland (Ooblets)
  • Humble Games (Wildfire)
  • New Blood Interactive (DUSK)
  • Merge Games (Frostpunk)
  • Modus Games (Cris Tales)
  • Mythical (Blankos: Block Party)
  • Perfect World (Torchlight III, Remnant: From the Ashes)
  • The Wandering Band (Airborne Kingdom)
  • Rebellion (Evil Genius)
  • Red Sails Team (Red Sails)
  • Rocketwerkz (Out of Ammo)
  • Rockfish Games (Everspace 2)
  • Sega (Yakuza: Like a Dragon)
  • Tripwire Interactive (Maneater)
  • WolfEye Studios (Weird West)
  • XSEED Games (Granblue Fantasy Versus)
  • Yaza Games (Inkulinati)

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