Final Fantasy XV Is Getting Four DLC Next Year

Square Enix plan on extending Final Fantasy XV further with 4 new DLC's. One of the said DLC's will be an alternate ending. They are set to be released early next year.

Final Fantasy XV Is Getting 4 DLC Next Year
Final Fantasy XV is a masterpiece. It has a vast open world full of amazing locations, lore and characters. The story alone is enough to sell it for me but just like most Final Fantasy titles, no matter how big the story, no matter how great the journey, when it ends it leaves a massive impression and you always end up wanting more. Well it seems Square Enix felt this way too as they plan to release four new Final Fantasy XV DLC's.These DLC's are referred to as Episodes as they each concentrate on one characters side story and, more intriguingly, one will actually be an alternate ending. It seems this set of episodes is called The Dawn Of The Future. The title and main plot of each have been revealed via a recent thread.

FF XV: The Dawn Of The Future. Sounds Epic!
Personally I was very surprised to hear this news. Are you excited for the new episodes? Do you think this is a better way to expand a Final Fantasy game rather than a sequel? Let us know!

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