Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Kitase Gives Details About Intergrade

During a Japanese live stream, PlayStation event called 'Play! Play! Play!', the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake Yoshinori Kitase, joined in to give fans new information about the Intergrade update, which is coming this June, and will see the game ported to the PS5 with updated visuals and a new episode focused on main character Yuffie Kisaragi.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Kitase Gives Details About Intergrade cover

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, was one of the main guests of PlayStation Japan’s “PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!” live stream event, where the developer went into details regarding the upcoming Intergrade update, which will see the game ported to the PS5.

Kitase pointed out that, thanks to the engine power of the new console, they were able to show certain areas with greater detail by changing the lighting in those areas. In fact, in order to make the best use of the latest technologies within the game, they brought in ten lighting experts to help them out. The fog effect is used to enhance certain scenes like Cloud’s infamous dance routine at the Honeybee Inn, while Chapter 15 will feel like a whole new experience for players as they will now be able to pick up on details that weren’t noticeable before.

Besides Intergrade, Yoshinori Kitase also spoke about the new episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be focused on Yuffie, stressing that players will see things from her point of view. However, according to Kitase, there will be an instance where she bumps into the core members of the AVALANCHE team (Barret and Tifa) without her revealing herself to them. This story will run parallel to Cloud’s adventure in Midgar, as players will have the chance to control the young shinobi and her companion Sonon in battle. When asked by the presenter of the show if Jessie is still alive, Kitase discretely avoided answering, leaving all scenarios wide open for the character to reappear in future installments. The game’s producer pointed out that he intentionally added the scene in Chapter 17 where Tifa saves Cloud from falling off the roof of Shinra HQ as a way for her to make up for failing to help him a few chapters earlier at Sector 5.

The final piece of information regarding Final Fantasy VII Intergrade that Kitase left for fans was about the Photo Mode. Players will have the chance to remove all the menus and HP bars from their screens when taking a photo, while they’ll also have different options to play around with filters, brightness and colors in their images. Kitase stated that the Photo Mode was added to Intergrade due to the impressive update in the game’s visuals, which the development team thought that players would want to make the most of. 

Square Enix has also released an extended trailer for the upcoming update, which shows the differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions and more details about the Yuffie episode. Intergrade will release on June 10 for the PlayStation 5. Those who already own a physical edition of the game will get the update for free yet will still need to pay for the Yuffie DLC.

What do you think about the details Kitase gave about Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade? Let us know in the comments.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE – PS5 Extended and Enhanced Features Video

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