Final Fantasy VII Remake – New Trailer at TGS 2019

Dive into Square Enix's hotly-anticipated game with the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer revealed at TGS 2019.

Final Fantasy VII Remake New Trailer at TGS 2019

Tokyo Game Show 2019 saw a lot of huge titles displayed on the venue’s biggest stages. Perhaps one of the most anticipated games of them all was the Final Fantasy VII Remake from Square Enix. Square Enix again dominated a large portion of the event hall. About 1/3 or more of their entire floorspace was dedicated to the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer, photo booth, merchandise displays, and of course, demo areas. 

The game was by far one of the most popular games in the venue with wait times sometimes exceeding two hours during the business days of Tokyo Game Show 2019. God only knows how horrendous the wait times will be during the public days. The following info is known about the game’s 2020 release:

  • Release date of March 3rd, 2020
  • Suggested retail price will be 8980 yen (approx. $83 USD)
  • Available exclusively on PS4
Final Fantasy VII Remake - TGS 2019 | PS4

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Reveals

The new trailer released for Tokyo Game Show 2019 is incredibly satisfying to watch for fans of the original game. Here are a few memorable points:

  • More footage revealed of Jessie and Biggs
  • First reveal of Don Corneo
  • Battle gameplay of Reno and Rude
  • Wall Market Gym mini games gameplay
  • Shiva summon animation
  • Ifrit summon animation
  • Frog magic animation
  • President Shinra appearance

But perhaps the most impactful aspects revealed by the trailer are the stunning graphics and battle animations reminiscent of the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film. I remember watching the film thinking it would be amazing if one day we could play a game with similar graphics, and now that once impossible dream held by many fans is finally coming to fruition. 

What did you think about the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2019? Will you be picking up the game on day 1? Let us and our readers know in the comments below!

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