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Final Episode of Eon Altar Revealed in New Trailer

Flying Helmet Games has to announce the third episode of Couch Co-Op RPG Eon Altar titled "Watcher in the Dark," releasing on January 19, 2017. Episode 3 will require both Episodes 1 and 2 to play.

Final Episode of Eon Altar Revealed in New Trailer
In Eon Altar, players use their smartphone as a private screen to see their motivations, thoughts, and innermost secrets. The mobile device also offers lines of dialogue to read out loud—hopefully, in their own eccentric performance, they've developed for the character. With one Steam purchase, up to four players can access the game with Flying Helmet's FREE Controller App, available for iOS and Android. Each player can use the Controller App to level up their hero, receive secret quests, consult secret thoughts, and choose lines of dialogue.After the defeat of Lady Allevia and putting an end to her centuries-old torment, a mysterious, powerful figure has saved you from Guild Lord Davian's attack and left you in the dark caves below the Catacombs. Ancient ruins lost to history, a malevolent race, and this mysterious figure's agenda all stand between you and Davian: survival isn't enough; your destiny await.

Watch the trailer:

Eon Altar Episode 3 Trailer

Episode III – Watcher in the Dark Consists of:

  • Chapter 1 – The Paths of Madness

  • Chapter 2 – Hall of the Builders

Continue your adventures with Episode 3 – Watcher in the Dark. With over three hours of new content, you'll continue to banter with your friends in dialogue, prepare your characters for the final battle, and fight as a well-oiled, tactical machine.

Designed to be the ultimate couch co-op experience, Eon Altar is best played on a TV. Using the free Eon Altar controller app available on the iOS App store and Android via Google Play, 1-4 players can sync via wifi to one copy of the game for an epic RPG local co-op experience.

Eon Altar Episode 3 – Watcher in the Dark launches January 19, 2017, for Steam on PC and OSX.

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