Fight for Your Life in Multi-Player Shooter HOME: Hit N’ Rush

This March, HOME: Hit N' Rush is set to enter the closed alpha. This multiplayer shooter promises to be an exciting game, but what lies in wait for us in the Outbreak, and what will we have to do to survive the Pulse and the hordes of Rovers?

Fight for Your Life in Multi-Player Shooter Home: Hit N’ Rush

At the end of the year, Blackmouth Games, an indie game studio in Madrid, is set to release their multiplayer shooter HOME: Hit N’ Rush, with the closed alpha arriving in March. Gather your forces to battle against the rising horde of Rovers and fight to survive the ‘mortal pulses that wipes the map every few minutes’. Fighting against the enemy team, the environment, and even the map, teamwork is key to claim victory.

HOME: Hit N’ Rush is a Free to play team base online multiplayer third-person shooter taking place in a distant future where humanity is at the brink of extinction. Join the fight against hordes of Rovers, be wary of enemy players and come back home victorious.


Set in a post apocalyptic world where humanity lies on the brink of extinction, HOME: Hit N’ Rush follows the story of a failed experiment and the devastating aftermath of ‘The Great Rover Outbreak’. Genetic experiments known as Rovers were created to help humanity, but something went wrong. The Rovers turned against those they were supposed to aid, launching the world into chaos. Gifted humans rose from the ashes, and the fight against the Rovers began. 


The Pulse: The Pulse is an electronic charge, set off every few minutes across the map to contain the hordes of Rovers. Stick with your teammates, find a dome, or die… slowly.

Ghost World: If you die, your soul is sent to the Ghost World where you will have the opportunity to continue the fight and come back to life with the aid of your Soul Companion.

Gameplay: HOME: Hit N’ Rush offers a number of gameplay aspects to look forward to, including jumpads, melee and long-range weapons, changing landscapes, concealed secrets, and character customisation. Unlock new looks and cosmetics as you play. 

HOME: Hit N’ Rush is set to be released on PC (Steam) at the end of the year. Information on when the game will be available for pre-order can be found on the Blackmouth Games official website

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