FFXV To Receive Even More Interesting Post Release Support

Final Fantasy XV will receive more post release support later this year in the form of a standalone release of the Comrades expansion. This means you don't have to own the original Final Fantasy XV to play Comrades. Square Enix also announced a Final Fantasy/Tomb Raider crossover though no other info has been released.

FFXV To Receive Even More Post Release Support
It seems that this year will be quite a big one for Final Fantasy XV as even more post release content is announced. Last year, Final Fantasy got the Comrades DLC which allows players to team up together and take on enemies. This DLC was only available as an expansion to FFXV. But soon Comrades will have its own standalone release as well as an update that will add raid bosses and battles challenges.

This was announced that the PAX East earlier today by Square Enix. There is currently no confirmation on the price but expect it to be close to the current price of the original Comrades DLC ($20). Square Enix also announced a Final Fantasy/Shadow of the Tomb Raider cross over (though no details have been released). Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to be released on September 19th of this year so one can assume that a cross over would happen a few months after that date.

FFXV To Receive Even More Interesting Post Release Support. Do you think they will just release more DLC rather than new games?
What do you think of all this post release content for FFXV? Are you excited for another Final Fantasy crossover or would you rather they concentrated on FFXVI? Let us know!

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