Farcry 3: Blood Dragon soon to be free on UPlay

The critically acclaimed Farcry 3: Blood Dragon will soon be made free for a month on Ubisoft's PC gaming platform, UPlay. The title will also be a part of Xbox's Games with Gold program in the second half of this month. Will you be soaking yourself in the neon chaos of Blood Dragon?

Farcry 3: Blood Dragon soon to be free on UPlay
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, 
released in 2013, is a stand-alone expansion of Far Cry 3. Parodying 1980s pop culture, the game is a highly stylized comedic shooter that was very well received upon release, and remains as one of the best Far Cry games ever released. Taking the usual quirkiness of the Far Cry series, Blood Dragon capitalizes on the humour that the series has done so well, and cranks the style up with a retro-futuristic style bathed in neon.

To celebrate their 30th birthday, Ubisoft has been giving away some of their oldest and best titles since June, with the final installment coming in December. From mid-November, Blood Dragon will be available for free download on UPlay, and also available on Xbox Games with Gold from November 15th.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Launch Trailer [North America]

If you haven't had a chance to play Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and pick up your free download, either on Xbox or on UPlay.

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