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Far Cry 6 Is Free for the Weekend

Far Cry 6 is available for free for a couple of days. The players can try the game from February 16 to 20, and if they like it, they can buy it at a discount, saving up to 70%. Ubisoft announced it via a trailer and a post, revealing that their first person-shooter game will be free for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

Far Cry 6 Is Free for the Weekend

Far Cry 6 is free for this weekend, starting on February 16. Ubisoft launched the most recent installment of the franchise in 2021. It is settled on the tropical island of Yara. Players need to liberate the island with the protagonist Dani Rojas who faces a local dictator Antón Castillo. Ubisoft revealed their game will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC for free until February 20. They did so through a trailer video and published a post where they specify what gamers could enjoy during the weekend.

Far Cry 6: Free Weekend February 16-20

It is just a trial; therefore, players have just these five days to roam through Yara. The Xbox X/S and Xbox One owners can try the game only when they have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, Ubisoft also offers its games on sale right now. If you try Far Cry 6 for free and happen to like it, you can buy it for a much lower price.

And what content is available in the trial? Ubisoft provides the players with the base game and the crossover missions. Therefore, you can go through both missions inspired by Rambo and Stranger Things. Moreover, when you decide to enjoy the game with friends and play in co-op, you will be rewarded with White Lotus Sniper Rifle. Your progress in the free trial of Far Cry 6 will carry on into the game when you decide to purchase it.

SOURCE: Post on Ubisoft website

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