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Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Won’t Mess Up Your Game

Far Cry 5 is out tomorrow. For many Far Cry fans, now is an extremely exciting time as it’s safe to say Ubisoft has done a great job getting us hyped. Although, after the microtransaction boat finally capsized near the end of last year, it’s safe to say gamers and developers everywhere are tip toe-ing around the dreaded word - microtransaction. But how does this play into the imminent arrival of Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Won’t Mess Up Your Game
For many games like Far Cry 5, a microtransaction system would have begun it development life before all the controversy of last year. So just how much are they going to affect the shipped product tomorrow? Thankfully, the answer is – not very much at all. Ubisoft’s last big AAA release, Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ microtransaction system was so un-intrusive that they were nowhere to be found in-game, asking the player to back out of their session to get involved. The same does not ring true for Far Cry 5 but, typical of Ubisoft, the tip toe-ing around microtransaction systems continues, and the game’s premium currency “silver bars” will absolutely not be shoved in your face.

This is a great thing as many a YouTuber and journalist (including myself) has ruminated  heavily on just how badly moment to moment gameplay in Far Cry 5 could be affected by the presence of microtransactions. As we have seen in such titles as Battlefront II and Shadow of War, a microtransaction and lootbox system paired too closely to the gameplay itself can have damaging effects on a player’s sense of momentum through the game’s systems. Although, in a recent article at Forbes, it has been reported that Far Cry 5 does not have lootboxes and, like Origins before it, a barely skin deep microtransaction system. 

Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Won’t Mess Up Your Game - Vehicle combat
“Technically, if you spend enough money, you could just go wild and buy a bunch of crap right away,” Paul Tassi of Forbes explains, “…there are also limits in place to make sure this isn’t pay to win. And really, it’s so limited that these microtransactions are actually kind of just lame. It’s incredibly easy to just ignore them and play the game pretending they just don’t exist”. Tassi continues to explain how there’s plenty of vehicles in Montana that serve their purpose just fine after being stolen in-game, the weapons are restricted and unlock in tandem with the campaign progression and “outfits” are never seen by the player who purchased them – only by someone they be playing co-op with.

Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Won’t Mess Up Your Game - Co op play
All around good news for anyone planning to pick up Far Cry 5 tomorrow. In the never ending public discourse that dependably speaks ill of microtransactions, it’s nice to see that in this case, our next big adventure has been left relatively untarnished. 

If you're still undecided on whether the game is for you, take a look at our piece that covers everything you should know about Far Cry 5 before parting with your hard earned cash.

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