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Far Cry 5 Live-Action Trailer Featuring The Antagonist

Ubisoft released another video promoting the fifth instalment of Far Cry series prepared with the real actors. Are you ready to be baptised by Joseph Seed?
Far Cry 5 Live-Action Trailer Featuring The Antagonist
If you waiting for jumping into another vast world designed by artists from Ubisoft you will get a chance to visit the Hope County in the newest instalment of Far Cry series. The game just got the live-action trailer which is centred around the theme of baptism and at the same time presents the origins of the new antagonist.
The main focus of the plot in Far Cry 5 refers to the religious cult called The Project At Eden's Gate but unfortunately, this group is in no way the bunch of the nice guys. Their charismatic and sadistic leader, Joseph Seed terrorizes the whole region using his private army of fanatics and eliminates every person who refuses to accept his beliefs. The antagonist is featured in the newest trailer which shows the ceremony of baptism. The coolest part of the video is his flashbacks that give us some glimpses of how Seed became who he is now.

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