Fans Say Goodbye to Their Beloved Show, The Owl House

With the series coming to an end, fans have been dreading saying goodbye to their beloved show, The Owl House. The Owl House cancellation brought many feelings of distraught to the fandom but with hope, they've continued to watch with suspense as mysteries continue to unveil. Be sure to check out "Watching and Dreaming" to see how Dana Terrace envisions the show's heart-wrenching finale.

Fans Say Goodbye to Their Beloved Show, The Owl House

Wrapping up the final season of The Owl House, Disney airs the series’ final episode “Watching and Dreaming”. Fans have been waiting in anticipation as to how the plot-heavy show would end after its shortened sentence. Nevertheless, Dana Terrace and her crew were able to deliver an ending packed with emotion and not to mention, satisfaction.

The Owl House

The show first aired in January of 2020 by Dana Terrace. Terrace is an artist who worked on several projects in the animation industry, including storyboarding for Gravity Falls, before moving on to create her own show. Despite the show gaining popularity amongst it’s audience, the show was unfortunately cut short, giving Terrace a limited time-frame to produce her show.

A picture of Luz and her found family

A picture of Luz and her found family

The Owl House was Disney’s first series to feature an explicitly bisexual protagonist. Dana Terrace worked hard to be able to show her audience the representation they deserved without being shadowed under censorship. While the show gained it’s popularity for representation, many viewers stayed for the impeccable world building and story. The series touched on topics such as depression and anxiety, even situations pertaining to found family and the struggle of meeting another person’s expectation, sometimes even your own.

TOH Cancellation

During the beginning of its production, The Owl House faced many obstacles given the short-end-of-the-stick. Disney had rarely given it’s support to the show. Dana mentions through her post on Reddit that the show’s cancellation was decided as it “didn’t fit Disney Channel’s brand”. One of the speculated reasons for cancellation was due to the LGBTQ+ storylines. Terrace explains that she didn’t want to assume bad faith towards her company but given her circumstances it was hard to assume otherwise.

Disney often had trouble promoting the show as well. The Owl House was deemed unpopular which meant that Disney would not be making any merchandise for the show. This didn’t stop the fandom. With the support of Dana Terrace, many artists and small businesses were able to create their own merchandise for the show and continued to show their support. 

Watching and Dreaming

The premiere of “Watching and Dreaming” gained over 500k views combined between Disney Channel and Disney XD, making it the most viewed Disney Channel telecast of the year so far. The episode was released on Disney+ as well as on YouTube. Within 24 hours, the episode gained over 2.5 million views on the streaming website. The show also began trending as #7 on Disney+ and #5 among all TV Series. 

The Owl House Season 3 Final Episode | Watching and Dreaming🦉 | Full Episode | @disneychannel

CAUTION: Spoiler Warning from this point forward! The final episode was quite honestly one of the best and most gut-wrenching endings to a show I have ever seen. The amount of love and passion that went into this show is unfathomable. Not just for story writing, but the animation and voice acting elevated the show’s poignancy. Dana and her crew were definitely able to give a satisfactory ending to the show.

Terrace divulged on her Twitter the would-be episodes if she had been given the proper execution. Fans were disheartened upon hearing they would miss out on episodes such as Luz’s quinceañera, expanded backstories, or even more interactions between Boiling Isles characters and the human realm. As always, Dana did not disappoint and included many Easter eggs and snippets of these moments in the finale. One of my favorite parts was the inclusion of a time skip. The most bittersweet way to end the show, allowing the fans to witness how much our beloved characters have grown.

Thanks For Watching

If fans are worried about this being the end, worry not. Dana Terrace has hopes of creating more content for The Owl House universe. Viewers can continue supporting the creator in hopes to get a book based on the series. Not to mention, the final episode teases a potential spin-off featuring the adults of TOH in their youth, such as Eda, Lilith, and Raine. While Luz may have gotten her happy ending, the adventures of the boiling aisles may not be over quite yet.

Goodbye from The Owl House

Goodbye from The Owl House

So to those who have been following and joining us on our journey, thanks for watching. Byeeeeeee!

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