Fans Create New Super Mario Bros Sequel

A group of keen Super Mario fans have created a fresh sequel to the 2006 3DS hit New Super Mario Bros, complete with 80 new stages spread over eight maps. The new game also comes with fresh gameplay mechanics and a original soundtrack.

Fans Create New Super Mario Bros Sequel
The new game, titled Newer Super Mario Bros DS, was made by the Newer Team. The team created the new game using the level editor – New Super Mario Bros Editor. If you would like to play the game, you must download the ROM, which is available to download on the game's website. However, Nintendo do have a history of shutting down games made by fans such as the 2D Zelda: Breath of the Wild project based on the Switch game's original prototype.

Please be sure to watch the release trailer below for the fan-created game. In addition, check out our article on what a group of modders is creating for the fan-favourite title Fallout: New Vegas.

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