Fable 4 Could Well Be On The Way

Fable 4 news may well erupt across the internet soon. With the Xbox One suffering this generation with a distinct lack of console exclusives, it could certainly do with the return of one its much loved IPs. With fresh new, all important tweets, hope could well be rekindled very soon.

Fable 4 Could Well Be On The Way
The last we saw of the Fable universe was Fable III, back in 2010. While it received mixed reviews in light of its stubbornly restrictive game world and introduction of microtransactions, the love for the quirky world of Albion is still strong. In other words, the arrival of a hypothetical Fable IV could well be a cash cow in the waiting for Microsoft. All the Fable momentum came to an abrupt end when Fable III’s successor, Fable Legends was cancelled, leading to the subsequent closure of Lionhead Studios.

Fable 4 Could Well Be On The Way - The cancelled Legends
Although, the license for Fable still sits comfortable in a Microsoft filing cabinet and Phil Spencer himself has stated at last year’s E3 that “there could easily be a future for Fable IV”. However, most encouragingly an Xbox Live API leak has lead to refreshed rumours of Fable’s return. Former Lionhead Lead Engine Programmer, Don Williamson mentioned on Twitter that he had figured out something crucial. “Mmmm ok. Having no inside information, I totally know who’s building Fable 4. Interesting choice”. Although he deigned not to say which studio that may be, the API leak revealed that it would be a UK based developer. 

There has been no official confirmation from Microsoft that Fable 4 is indeed going to happen. Although it should be something to cross our fingers for at this year’s E3. Despite encouraging clues surfacing around the web, this is all still unofficial conjecture. So don’t crack out the Di Caprio toast and fireworks GIF just yet.

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