Extended Alexa Support & Play Later Wish List Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox continues to improve its standout Game Pass service. The July update brings a host of new features including improved & extended Alexa support to other countries like Australia, Italy, Mexico and Spain. A Play Later wish list is also being implemented; allowing you to keep track of all those games you want to play on Game Pass.
Extended Alexa Support & Play Later Wish List Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Extended Alexa Support & Play Later Wish List Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic deal for anyone looking to get a lot of game for their buck. With over 200 games available at your fingertips, it’s easy to lose track of everything you want to play. Although this is a good problem to have, it’s a problem nonetheless, and one that Microsoft has found a solution for.

That solution is Play Later, a list that you can find under the Game Pass section on your console desktop. It’s a simple idea; you can add games from Game Pass that you plan on playing in the future. You can curate the list to your hearts content through the console desktop & the Xbox app. Play Later is essentially a wish list for stuff that you already have complete access to… That’s pretty awesome. 

Xbox one screenshot

Example of Play Later feature

This, along with typical updates & improvements to the console, will be rolled out in the July update. A highlight of this month’s update includes improvements to Alexa support for Xbox One, allowing you to browse your Game Pass library using your voice.

Alexa support for Xbox One is making its way to even more people, being rolled out in France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico and Spain. There’s never been a better time to have Game Pass, with amazing games like Metro: ExodusBatman: Arkham Knight & Borderlands: The Handsome Collection having been added only last month. 

Xbox Game Pass is available for all Xbox players for £7.99 a month. 

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